Insufficient info on business sale

Before I start the “Buy it now” option is a great improvement on the business sale option, It means the screen doesn’t have to be cluttered with companies of players that are no longer logging in and won’t respond to an offer.
I recently bought a business from VIKSTAR which showed no inventory and no accounts payable or receivable.
What it didn’t show was 2 expired paid for but unfilled orders for 100 cars each and a more recent one that was also paid (and clearly to an alt as it was 200 cars at 95k) and unfilled. So in effect the 10g price tag became 20 mill g which is fair and I can afford but that info was not clear in the offer window.

My request is that there is one more line of info showing liabilities either in G or in number of cars still to be shipped. (I presume the G would just be displaying a figure out of the balance sheet)

Another request would be not to transfer the many pages of mail that come with buying a business…

@Fireyscorp, we are looking into this right away. Thank you for posting this.


Thanks, Actually I just re-looked it was 2 expired orders of 200 cars each = 21 million and another outstanding of 200 at 95k = 19 million. That makes 40 million - not 20. As I said I can afford it so not looking for redress, but that’s quite a scam.

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@Fireyscorp, thank you for the update. This is being addressed.

I just bough the other company this player put up for sale and found the same thing. g25,190,000 worth.

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