Increase Competition by making the Retail Market Smaller

The retail market is too liquid and that kills a lot of the competitive aspects of the game.

By making the retail market smaller, and the consumers more price conscious, you will create more competition in the game. This would also make the game play decisions more valuable.

Right now it doens’t matter:

  1. Where my business is located
  2. How many businesses are in my region
  3. What price and quality my comeptitors are selling at
  4. What price and quality I am selling at
  5. Whether my competitors are buying their inventory at a lower price then I am
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Upper limits on pricing have started to kick in. You may be able to set your price at 3 x an inflated cost but you won’t be selling your 5 cars per hour if it’s too high. It’s variable based on price and location so at least there’s a bit of thinking to do if you’re at the upper levels.

Cost of 10,000 to move a business is probably a bit cheap if it raises your max fully productive selling from 800k to 3 million… but at least it’s a start

When I started playing GVW I was selling 5 cars a day @ g50,000 each. I am now selling 5 cars a day @30,000,000 each.

We’re observing the same and working on adjustments. We have many different adjustments that we can make, but we’re evaluating and making sure that we have everything working to specification. From there we can make careful adjustments. An economic simulation is more likely to run into extreme situations versus the real economy (2008 crash, hyper inflation with tulips, etc). Ha ha. One such example is how the scaling of our economy is related to number of users, and what happens when a percentage of the users are less active or inactive. There are so many different permutations of adjustments to consider. But we’ll definitely be putting some changes in place that’ll increase competition and make decisions like pricing more challenging to get right, or to get right and stay one step ahead of other businesses in GVW… aka, the ones trying to take your market share from you. :slight_smile: