Income tax bug?

I had an invoice that was partially paid and a business that was sold but when I got an email for income taxes neither of the payments were in my account

Not to sure what you are trying to report, could you clarify the issue please?

Im not sure how else I could explain it, I had received an email in game about income taxes and when I went to see if the invoice was paid from a previous order I realized neither the invoice payment was received or the money from my business which was sold that day.

Heres some Screenshots of the payments that were accepted but I had not received any of it and the business being sold at the very bottom of the second screen shot also not received

We have discovered the issue and will make the required correction now. Thank you for posting.

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I was having this same issue. Please return my money which I lost due to this bug.

Could you please explain “same issue” for us? We are investigating this and at this point see no issue.

I was not receiving cash from invoice payments.