In Game cash not receiving

When retailers giving cash for products i am not receiving.

If you have a Line Of Credit, any generated revenue will go towards that automatically.

What is Line of credit.

From 3 days I am not receiving money from any businesses and not from selling on the open market.

When you run out of CASH, the game issues you a LINE OF CREDIT which is like a LOAN so that you do not go bankrupt right away.

While you owe money on a LINE OF CREDIT, any money that is paid to you by other players is applied to the money that you owe. Once you no longer owe any money on the LINE OF CREDIT, any new money you receive will appear in your CASH.

You can check your BALANCE SHEET to see if you owe money.

Where to check balance sheet.

I am not receiving any money I am only loosing money.

This seems to be a common theme amongst new players. Perhaps when you send a system generated Invoice payment message or sold product on open market, you could add a note that states amount applied to your open line of credit, leaving a balance of x… ?

@Arkham_Knight go to BUSINESS REPORTS to see your LIABILITIES (money you owe).

@Fireyscorp thanks for the suggestion. The game gives a number of popup messages when cash is running low, warning you about nearing bankruptcy and advising to review the User Guide. But, you may be right that we may have to do some more.

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