Impossible to play game!

Dear GoVenture World developers!
I am wondering if someone could please check my account as cash is arbitrarily going missing (just in the last 2 hours, 3 million suddenly disappeared). During another time, 500,000 also suddenly were gone without my spending money for anything. Furthermore, bxp is constantly not being added after completing mini games and I have also not yet received much of the bxp that I should have earned for completing courses. I hope that these issues can be resolved as many of the things that worked in the previous round are not working this time. Thank you for your help!

Hey … this might help:

  1. Some business expenses are deducted monthly GT so this may account for some of the money that was deducted. Also, if you buy products, it may take a minute to refresh the CASH.

  2. Take a close look at the REPORTS called General Ledger and General Journal. They show details of all the financial transactions.

  3. The minigames had a bug where they were not properly awarding the bxp but that has been fixed a day or two ago.

  4. We will have to look at the Course bxp, but it will take us a while to do that as we are focusing on some higher priority issues … and killing all the duplicate accounts being created by some players has taken valuable time away from fixing bugs.


Thanks for your quick reply. I just checked my cash chart and it seems to have deducted the amount of 1,400,000 four times although I had only made 2 purchases of 1,400,000 each from the open market today and paid that business what I owed. Thus, instead of paying the 2,800,000 plus the shipping fees, it deducted 5,600,000 which means that rather than being comfortable at around 2,500,000 I have landed in the minus. Something that should not have happened when I only spent 2,800,000 rather than the 5,600,000 it subtracted. Regarding the mini games, I did read that the bug had been fixed but when I played the game this morning (about 11 hours ago) it first added my bxp and then when I clicked on boardroom and it jumped to another page, the bxp were gone again, as has been the case the past few days/weeks with the mini game. I definitely understand that other things have higher priority but, when you find the time, it would be great if these things could get sorted because it makes it difficult progressing in terms of bxp and playing the game if one is suddenly in the minus when he should be comfortably in the plus. Thanks again for all your help!

Can you share a screenshot of where you see the money being deducted more than once so I can have a look?

Regarding the bxp, perhaps it’s a caching issue … are you able to try a different browser or perhaps clear your cache completely in case the old version of the minigame is sticking.

The screenshot shows that the sum was subtracted 4 times. Unfortunately I have tried clearing the cache already and nothing has changed. I guess I can try another browser and see if that fixes the issue.

Thanks, but it looks like this CASH CHART REPORT is buggy so the data in it may be problematic. Instead, look at the GENERAL LEDGER to see the money going in and out of CASH.

@Torsvekt, we have noticed issues with the CASH REPORT and are looking into it. Thank you for your post.