IMPORTANT mini game bug & slight recommendations to overall game

//Mini Game

  • Manufacturer game glitches, if the game is not entirely completed, player can do the mini game over again and get up to 17 cars max OR multiple instances of the game can be opened and completed and infinite amount of times.

  • Whilst playing manufacturing game, completing level one will notify you of completing it and reward you the xp whilst at the same time freezing for a second or two whilst playing in the second level and cause you to miss an action or misplace a part, losing xp due to a small freeze bug.

  • Manufacturer game would be more convenient to end after the last car has been constructed, rather then wait for the line to finish.

  • The manufacturer game doesn’t need to have adjustable speed, being able to slow it right down just contradicts the difficulty aspect of the game and the highest speed is unreasonably fast anyway.

//Main GoVenture Game

  • Activating features and qualities or sales and signage and then being notified of the feature being activated then having to press okay before pressing the next seems a bit unnecessary and tedious.

  • Being an investor was not made very clear when it comes to just about anything, even in the guide. Information was hard to find, if found at all in regards to processing the loan and issuing bonds and stocks (I found it just by searching through everything)

  • A default setting should be set for investors and legal businesses as the default settings are usually 100% fee or something that’s too low (most players will set these to what they see fitting although most players don’t have the knowledge to know what the normal going rate is and would have no idea what to do.

  • Minor freeze or crashes on the main GoVenture World game (during actions).

  • Small details throughout although I’ll keep this updated as I go.

Regards TeeJay


Thank you for the detailed report, We are working on tracking down the slowdowns and crashes. We have just discovered a minor concurrency issue that may be causing some of these issues, in other words small issue big impact…

Do you see the slow down every time the bxp popup happens?

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If not every time then the majority of the time it’ll happen.

I’ve never really taken note if it has never happened.

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Hi Teejay,

I’ve verified the points you noted about the manufacturers mini-game, and I’m going to file them with our dev team.

This is about using the mini-game to get more autos than permitted per day, and the freezing that occurs during game play that stops us from applying parts to the cars for a moment.


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Thank you, that’s great news.

We can’t have such a drastic loop hole that could substantially benefit certain players.

I’ll be sure to keep an eye open for anymore bugs.

Regards TeeJay

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Hi TeeJay,

I checked with the dev team. I focused on an issue I experienced, which I described as a “freeze”. Sometimes the part arm would not respond to my mouse clicks. I mistakenly thought that it was stuck. However, the team quickly determined that I was allowing the mouse to move outside of the game frame without noticing. And clicks are only processed when the mouse is inside the game play (factory assembly line) area.

I’m not sure if you were impacted by that as well.

We are aware of the discovery you made about how to play the mini-game (and get rewards) more often than allowed, per the rules. So this is something we’ll look at patching. Thank you for your detailed testing and description of issues you noted. That’s very helpful! :slight_smile:

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The freeze I’m experiencing is after you complete round 1 and go in to round 2, the freeze will happen at the exact same time as the bxp is awarded.

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We have implemented a safeguard where a player can only open one minigame at a time. If they try to open another, it just restarted the current minigame.

I have not been able to reproduce the instance where a player quits the game before ending to get around the daily caps.