I have not received payment for my order

Hi, i just recently made some sales on the open market, and it looks like i have yet to receive my payment. My invoices say paid but my cash has yet to increase.

We are aware of this situation and are working on the fix now.

This has been corrected.

Maybe this is happening again?

I have gotten the first OM payment. the other 2 are now marked unpaid, but I should have been already paid?

Did something change?   ie: OM, if someone buys, the item should be auto shipped and auto paid...

 So far, ive had to manually shhip it, and no payment.            

I am so confused now.

somethings screwed up still i guess.

I do not like the new setup.
Open Market auto ship/payment not working at all, means i sit and wait to get paid.
$108k , i cant ship out products, i cant produce. getting agravated.
I said i was going to skip this round, and i should have.

Open market sales are still automatic, you just need to select an accountant.

had to goto the help to find out about the accountant setup.
30%. lol.
im out.

Not sure where the trouble is? It’s just a couple of clicks to choose an Accounting & Law Firm. The fee is 3% (not 30%).