I got an error trying to open financial



  • Iopened FINANCE
  • I opened FINANCE again

i can not reproduce again

Thank you . We have been looking into this.

similar error opening MANAGE BUSINESS

Thanks. We are on top of it and it should be resolved soon.

Any glitch money is yours to keep. That goes in the other direction also (if you lose money).

once again opening MANAGE BUSINESS

Thanks, we are getting closer to eliminating these.

Quick question, how long were you playing, or logged in when this happened?

hard to answer but:

  • i play too much :wink: (i work at the same time on an other screen)
  • i was logged (i think)
  • i sometimes have serveral window on GoVenture Woorld at the same time (multi screen) to see differents things at the same

I will pay more attention about all that things next time i have the error (it happens several times a day)

Thank you for the quick response. you have helped eliminate a theory. It is happening so sporadically that it is hard to diagnose the problem, but we are working on it.

yup, i don’t know currently how to reproduce that bug.

But now i think about it, it was not due to session cause i had the bug without being forced to login again

so i got the bug

i previously loaded the mails

i was logged and playing

I can reproduce the bug !!!

context: only one window with game opened


  • open "OPEN BUSINESS menu
  • select retail
  • select product type
  • click on START BUSINESS button
  • in breadcrump, click on CREATE BUSINESS

=> error

Note: I attempted to reproduce these steps, but did not encounter an error.

i still reproduce it

open MANAGE BUSINESS in left side menu
click on START NEW BUSINESS button
click on RETAIL button
select automobile in list
click START BUSINESS button
in breadcrump, click on CREATE BUSINESS link

Good news and bad news. The good news is that I reproduced it with your instructions. P.S. I hit the wrong part of the breadcrumb before.

The bad news is: it’s a bug! Ha ha.

Great catch! Reporting to the devs.


We removed the click on the final item of the breadcrumbs. They represent the page you are currently on and therefore need no link.