How to sell stock/bond

Interested in trying to figure out how to sell my stocks and bonds on the secondary markets. Why can’t I find this anywhere? Could someone help direct me in the right direction?

Go and click on your stock so that a window opens with stock details. In that window there will be a SELL option.

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Going to Finance -> Portfolio and clicking on my stock opens a window, but I do not see the sell option anywhere. Is there a constraint on when that would be visible? Where exactly is it in the window? Could you post a screenshot?

Go to the World Markets section where you bought the stock and/or bond and click the stock you want to sell. A window will open with a sell option.

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I think what you’re missing is that you need to go to the overall listing to sell - not the primary or secondary markets.

That worked! Thanks for the help! How can I see that transaction that occurred after someone bought it? I don’t see it on the market now and I can’t find anything in finances

Not sure I understand your question.

I believe I sold my stock or bond on the secondary market but I want to see who bought it and how much the price was, because I forgot what I set it at. Where can i find this?

Go to Finance > Stock and Bond Issues