How to Sell products to virtual customers

Hello i am a beginner and have no experience i am a retailer i have bought smartphones from the open the market and have enabled salesperson and signage and service but still not able to sell my products please help me.

Have your smartphones arrived yet? Sometimes it takes time for them to arrive.

If they have arrived and you have inventory but you are not making sales, then it is likely that your price is too high. Try lowering your price a lot to see if sales start to happen.

Yes, your price is too high. I just checked the PRODUCT COMPETITIVENESS report (Business Report) and can see that your price is too high compared to the competition in the USA. See below.

Ok thanks a lot sir i bought it for 1000 each

Good lesson to learn. That’s a big part of this game, learning from mistakes. Many entrepreneurs in the real world make this same mistake and lose real money.