How to provide evidence to court

Hello can anyone tell me how can i provide evidence to court i have an invoice that i have to show to the court as an evidence .

If you do not own a law firm, you have to hire a law firm to initiate a lawsuit and they will collect and submit evidence through their law firm interface.

Yeah i have hired a law firm will they collecte and submit evidence on their own ? Or i have to providr them ?

If you hired a law firm, you are their client and so you can ask them if they need any help from you collecting evidence.

Can u tell how can i provide them evidence for example i have messages and Invoices as rvidence how can i give it to them

There is no “send” option, you would have to use screenshots or other methods.

I understand the use of screenshots and invoices- but how exactly do you send those screenshots/invoices when it is requested?

You would have to use an external service like email, or file sharing (dropbox, box, onedrive, etc) or screensharing program (like this).