How to operate a law firm

I just bought a law firm but cannot figure out how to operate it. As a player, I didn’t find a way to file a lawsuit, so I’m guessing other player have the same difficulties, thus I will have no business as a law firm.
Can anyone help?

Hey … here are some suggestions …

  1. Review the User Guide section here:

  2. You have to find clients to hire you for legal services. You can’t file a lawsuit or do some other things unless you have a client that hires you.

Thanks for the quick reply, Mathew!

How does a client hire me? I can’t find any “button” to hire an attorney myself.

Hey, it seems that two important buttons are missing! The LEGAL screen is supposed to have RESEARCH LAW FIRMS and HIRE LAW FIRM buttons but they have disappeared for some reason. We will try to get this corrected on Monday.

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This issue is fixed now …thanks for bringing it to our attention!