Hiring Players to Operate Businesses

I have found that managing many of my own businesses is quite time consuming, as I have so many of them. This will likely be a more widespread issue faced later in the game, as more businesses grow and management becomes more time-consuming. Having the ability to delegate responsibilities to contractors would increase efficiency, and the potential for growth on a larger scale.

My question is, would a feature be possible to hire other agencies/businesses to run day-to-day operations of one of your specific businesses? They could get a share of the profit (likely a percentage, as opposed to a fixed value, for motivation), and perhaps some name recognition if there would be some way to include that. Ultimately, however, the business would still be in control of the original owner. A certain budget could be allocated for operation of the business, and the contractor would need to budget his resources accordingly to grow the business of the other player and reap a profit for both parties.

This could benefit both newer and older players alike, as more established players will have users to manage their assets, and newer players will have a way to grow their capital at a quicker rate, as they will be managing a well-established business (though it would depend on the rate agreed upon with the original owner).

Just throwing out ideas here, but what do y’all think?

The issue of managing too many businesses will not be as great after the reset. The number of businesses you can operate will be linked to what level you are and it will be harder to raise the money needed to open additional businesses.

All in all, the changes that are coming are designed to make the game more challenging while giving players more chances to set goals which they can work toward.

Thanks for the feedback. We will keep it in mind for later feature development.

Steven (Srolls) is right that with the reset it will harder and take a lot longer to start many businesses. This will greatly improve the gameplay. But, we do expect that some players will eventually have a lot of businesses for sure and at that point we plan on adding some features to make it easier to manage them. Some of those features will be available soon with the reset (like single click to jump from one business to another) but most we have to leave until later.

Alright, good to hear! Making businesses easier to manage is definitely a reliable method, as it helps mitigate the original issue. Hiring contract managers just sounded like an interesting concept to deal with the issue in an alternative fashion.