HElp my account is

This is a alt account of chessqueen because my main account I forgot password and tried to reset it but it doesn’t send it to my email I made sure it is valid. I am not violating the terms of services by making alt accounts I need help, please message me privately with my password. Pardon me for this alt account deleted it after my main account is back

Did goventure deleted it because I violated the rules ? I did not violate any rules ?

Please I need help

You requested all your accounts to be deleted via an email sent.


No that was not me, MY acocunt name is chessqueen that’s the account I lost

I did not want to deleted my account sorry goventure I fell empathy for you ypu falled for a scam or you looked at the wrong account

I only had one alt, this is the one. My main is Chessqueen which is a phone retail

An unfortunate error has occurred. We have reached out to you via email.

I don’t see it in email, can you send a private message to me about what happened. I a, desperate to know I want to play,

Delete this account that for emergency’s. I make a new offical account.

Once you confirm the new account, we will delete the account.

Delet this account, my new account is named queen as holding company.

Help me I accidentally named holding chessqueem it was meant to be chessqueen sprye for all the problems goventure and me needs a fix.

You created “chessqueem” and you wish it to be “chessqueen sprye” correct?

No I meant chessqueen. Not sprye I am rip at spelling it means sorry.

Lol, ok, thank you.

Does “ChessQueen” work?

Yes why is goventure down for maintence

It is up mow. Just a little tweaking was needed.