Headlines That Grab Attention (RESOLVED)

This might not be a Bug, but I wasn’t awarded the Experience upon “Course Completion.”

@VEH_Lim, could this be the same situation as the last?

I can understand the concern, but this one is separate.

Rather then not awarding the “complete” (green mark) - this time it says “complete” but does not award the requisite experience.

@VEH_Lim, has the XP been awarded since your post? Sometimes takes some time before it updates.

Not as of yet.

To be fair, I understand it’s a beta and am not in the least bit upset. These things occur.

@VEH_Lim, we appreciate your understanding and we are going to investigate this. This is the first occurrence reported since our July 6th game reset, but as you pointed out, these things occur. Thanks again for this post.

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@VEH_Lim, just a thought. Did you complete the games and activities at the end?

Thank you for the continued expediency in replies. I have to say, despite this might or might not being a problem - everyone should be reassured that you are on the potential issue that fast.

And I do mean this, an often hour or sub-one hour investigation is stellar when compared to most games that take days if they even get around to it.

Back to what you said, yes I rechecked and the games, etc. are completed and the Headlines that Grab Attention in the Courses is showing “completed”. Albeit no reward just yet.

I’m not part of staff and had this problem once before but do you own all of the kinds of business that it says in the prerequisites that you need (Ad agency, investment banker, Legal Office, Manufacturing, Retailer)? There are some that take 2 or more business types as a prerequisite and I believe that could be a hindrance to your bxp reward as well. Although you can take the courses without having the prerequisites, I don’t think it will award it to you if you don’t have all the businesses operational in the prerequisite. Don’t take my word on this but maybe @GVW_Admin can provide clarity to that where I can’t (as I mentioned earlier that I’m not staff) :slight_smile:

@VEH_Lim, thank you, we try to keep on top of things. We are testing the course now. We will report back asap.

@VEH_Lim, we have completed testing on this course, and aside from the timing potentially being an issue, the course was completed in its entirety and XP awarded as designed.

Before you move forward in the course, make sure there is a green dot over the “1” square in the below right corner. See screen capture below.


There should be a green dot over every square and it will take about 15 seconds for the final green dot to appear over the 6th square. Please let us know if all the 6 squares has a green dot over it. Thank you.