Header/Ticker Weirdness

Oh man, sorry guys! I don’t mean to keep just unloading all this unpleasantness! I’ve noticed that the main header/ticker that gives players information about what other players are doing will list that I’ve just done things that happened like 2 days previously. And it’ll say it like 5 or 6 times, when it really only happened once or something.

For instance, I just caught it saying that I completed a challenge, and it listed it like 5 times, back to back. But I haven’t completed a challenge in at least 2 days RT, and the last time I completed any, I only had two left, so only completed two.

It’s obviously not a big deal in relation to challenges, but that’s just an example. This could be super detrimental to players if it’s doing the same thing around product listings on the open market.

Boom, caught it again LOL

It just stated that I bid on an ad spot 7 times, back to back, but I haven’t bid on a spot since yesterday

Neither ticker has relevance to actual game play, It will show historic data if the game just restarted.

Oh, okay. lol I must’ve heard an inflated statement of importance somewhere along the way :hear_no_evil: Thanks very much for taking time to get back to me!

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