Government Lobbying

I’m trying to understand the government lobbying system. The help stated that “The location of our Holding Company determines which country’s government is being lobbied”, but I have drop down boxes for each country that I have a business in. These boxes allow me to choose a desired import duty percentage to lobby for that particular country. Are those choices irrelevant unless my holding company is actually in the country being lobbied?

Also, how is the threshold for government compliance determined? Is it based on country population or amount of companies located there? Is there some way to estimate the amount of “votes” needed to effect change in a given country?


Aegis: Thanks for noting that our help text and user guide are not consistent with the actual feature. We will look into this and get it corrected.

The way it should work is if we are showing individual operating business locations, then the location of the holding company does not matter.

At one point, we were going to automate the lobbying process whereby if a certain number and percentage of players doing business in a country predominantly lobbied for a change in duties, then the change would happen automatically. For now, we are doing this manually … although we have not triggered any changes as of yet.

We have not yet determined the policy for the number of votes needed to affect change.


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@Aegis, the text help has been corrected to reflect the user guide. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

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