Goods purchased from open market are not getting shipped


I have purchased goods from open market 2 weeks back. but they have not been shipped till today. If goods cannot be shipped on time after purchase from open market then why money is getting deducted. There is no way we can do anything.

Kindly check for open issues first before releasing new features.


Thank you for your report,

We have investigated this and found that all purchases on the open market 2 weeks ago were shipped. However, we discovered this order MA-1292-3 placed on Aug 23 was missing a shipping instruction and we have addressed this for you, All other purchases made before and after this have shipped in the time required by the distance your purchases need to travel.

I bought cell phones in open market, but they were not shipped. It can be, that I did not have money for shipping. After I could not ship it by myself. What can I do?

@Gaina_Enterprise In order to purchase inventory on the open market (as a retailer) shipping must be paid at the same time you pay for the inventory. If shipping was not paid you would not have been charged for the order. See in the photo where you are required to pay for shipping.

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Is this still an issue?