Glitch in Assets of holding company

A new stock just listed - Runty Financials. This is their second or third tranche of shares.
From nowhere it is showing assets of 952 million shares and so equity of 944 million. I don’t think I can drill down on their balance sheet to find what is causing the figures but I assure you it is a bug (and it’s knocking me off my very comfy spot on top of the table!!! :slight_smile: )

It’s an urgent problem as they are selling shares based on the magic new equity level so it looks like a variation of what caused the investigation last round…

@Fireyscorp, we did some investigating and found out what this player was up to. We will have a report soon. Thank you for pointing this out.

Malicious player … will be removed (along with the offending stock).

great work again from the player base and Developers,!


Great. The stock is removed and hopefully the ability to repeat whatever happened, but the player is still there along with his inflated equity. This hurts my and everyone else’s rating which affects gameplay. Also I know Callaars and I think garbs bought inflated stock so they may need to be compensated.

It would be good in these circumstances to reverse all stock trades for that stock (there can’t be that many) so you neatly unwind any benefits the offender gained.

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The inflated business should have disappeared, so something is wrong that we will have to look into. Thanks for pointing it out.

Regarding reversing stock purchases, unfortunately, it’s too much trouble to divert our dev resources to, so we will have to consider it “buyer beware” … part of the learning value of an authentic simulation :slight_smile:

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LOL - @ Buyer Beware - Indeed

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Buyer beware, seems normal, normally i would instantly see if something was wrong, tbh since i was not busy with ranking because i think there is a flaw in the bxp grind system… i did not check on purpose the rankings…

To bad it hurt me now in this way… :slight_smile:

Its a game…and we play it like u assemble the game…

Hey Firey, we realized that you have been looking at some of the old Leaderboards, so that’s why you are still seeing that other business. We had updated the leaderboards at the last reset but neglected to disable some of the public links to the old leaderboards.

We will update the links.