gCrypto for Game Relevant Challenges

I love the concept of this game, but after you start a production run or buy some inventory for your retail, there isn’t a whole lot of excitement other than bidding on ad spots.

Sure you could go through the plethora of financial information, or try to make new partnerships, but that Challenges button on the Dashboard is just screaming for action.

What I was thinking might be really cool, fun and exciting is:

 - More Challenges
 - Challenges that are relative to Game Features
 - Chances to earn gDollars from Challenges

Here’s the basic concept:

A user should be able to participate in a challenge, with gCrypto (paid for with real cash), and based on their performance in that challenge, the user could gain gDollars.

Challenges could be like:

 - Tetris (for Retail Inventory Organization)
 - Weekly Advertising Challenges
 - Top Down Racer (Deliver Packages for Transportation Company)
 - Conveyor Sorting Game (Inventory Sorting & Packaging for Manufacturing)
 - Shooter or Tower Defense (Guard the Banks?)

gCrypto would only be purchasable with real money, and can only be used to buy into challenges… maybe even make a casino feature with casino games to risk gCrypto to earn gDollars.

The gCrypto will automatically be lost after buying in, but you would have the chance to win gDollars in exchange for risking your gCrypto. It’s kinda like Options Trading in a way.

Also, I feel like your orthogonal artwork has it’s own unique, business-like office-setting vibe to it. I would love to see more of this style being used. This would be an easy, low-cost way to allow users to design their own offices or store fronts… in which some items could cost gCrypto to own. GoVenture World 3D should be on the 5 year goal list.

I’m in no ways trying to tell you how to manage your game. I understand, this is your project, I but just wanted to maybe throw in some fresh ideas. I’ve noticed some users will sign up and sometimes don’t even finish the training to start their first business. This game has also been around for a few years.

This game definitely has the potential to be unique and exciting, and I kinda get that you’re trying to make a truly realistic business simulator, but a lot of the financial stuff could be condensed and still have the same affect. The Financials are a lot to take in and if you don’t really have any Business Communication skills it could be difficult to follow. The learning curve is exponential right from the get go. It could easily be spread out and more stream-lined with in-game actions.

Your target audience right now is mainly older adults. I’d probably categorize this as an “idle” game kinda like FarmVille. You’re basically just growing and selling with the additional feature to make trades with other players. The only money there is in collectible digital assets, which are not found anywhere in your game.

Please don’t take this message as criticizing, but rather as an extra mind to help brainstorm… and based on my past messages, maybe another person to help debug lol. Only trying to help.

I feel that introducing a risk/reward challenge system and collectible digital assets could be a big game changer for GoVenture World. This would definitely keep users on longer than starting a production run or buying inventory before logging out. Orthogonal artwork should be used until cash flow allows for usable 3D assets for GoVenture World 3D. There is definitely a lot of condensing that could be done, some links are found on more than one page.

This game is able to capture the logic component of gaming, but it needs to add that emotional component. Put players head-to-head in challenges or put them against themselves. Bidding on ad spots and trying to take more Market Demand from the next guy isn’t as exciting as one might think.

If you’re in control of the logical and emotional side of a user, aren’t you in control of their trust too? Like I’ve said, this game has the potential to be great… it just needs a few minor adjustments.

Thank you for your thoughts and recommendations, we appreciate it. We will add these to our user recommendations list for future consideration. Please keep them coming.

We appreciate all feedback, thank you! Some quick thoughts for you …

  1. We have some plans for adding more new challenges soon.
  2. The mini games with Auto Retail and Auto Manufacturers are intended to provide some additional gameplay.
  3. Crypto is cool, but introduces a bunch of costly legal issues for us as a company, so we haven’t gone there (yet).
  4. Our game doesn’t have digital assets like other games so we plan on locking some advanced features that players can optionally pay for to unlock.
  5. Your thought on creating activities that require players to compete more directly or with each other (like Ad spots but better) is on target for sure and we want to get there.

We appreciate the replies :slight_smile: Can’t think of any other games that the Founder & CEO will write you back. Thank you as well and thanks for your time.

I did not know there were mini-games for Auto Retail and Auto Manufacturing… I think I’m gonna start next round as an Auto Manufacturer. Can’t wait for some more challenges and mini-games!

Crypto and Digital Assets were just a thought to bring in some real money for the game. Not so sure how big the Pay-to-Play market is, most people I know hate those games… not to mention less fortunate players missing out on the full experience or being crushed by the whales. Now I’m curious to know what the advanced features would be! :thinking:

Digital Assets is an easy way to sell game art, which is why I was thinking the ability to design offices or storefronts. Also goes with the advertising and marketing aspects of a business. Plus, one piece of art can sell 1 million times over depending on how many users buy it. Multiplied by 1,000 pieces of furniture = :money_mouth_face:

What I failed to realize was this game is not just intended to be a realistic simulation, but rather an actual real-life experience in the business world that could land the user a career.

Maybe money could come from Learning Opportunities, Career Placement and Corporate Sponsorship? If you’re trying to go that route, I think there will definitely need to be companies that will accept GoVenture World as an accredited learning institution… again presented with legal issues and liabilities.

I hope again I’m not speaking out of line, but I have a hard time seeing CEO’s, CFO’s, COO’s, ect…, from Universities and Ivy League schools being passed over for a GoVenture World player. The educational bar would have to be set way higher, which would take away from the gaming aspect in my opinion. Or you would have to showcase a users skills that reflect their extraordinary ability to manage operations in real life. Not saying it can’t be done, but you’ve brought upon an intriguing challenge.

Now I’m thinking there needs to be Challenges that test the users Strategic skills, Negotiation skills, Marketing skills, ect… Not sure off the top of my head how that could be implemented, especially when you’re limited to buying, selling and advertising.

For strategy, I’m thinking users could be challenged to produce or distribute x amount of product at y% features and z% quality within a set time frame? To make it competitive, maybe have limited time only Computer Run Businesses that ranked players have to ship their product to. Person to ship the most product wins. The difficulty could progress in the form of obscure ratios or different time limits.

For marketing, I still think ad contests would be cool… Maybe even a contest for the best slogan? How about a challenge for users to create a concept of a new product (concept only) and then survey the dev team to see which one wins?

A Financial Challenge could be to review another player or Computer Run Business’ Negative Balance Sheet and try to adjust their pricing or manufacturing capabilities to turn a profit? I suppose this would be more co-op than compete.

I think maybe there should be some Live Events also that happen such as inflation gets too high/low, natural disasters that temporarily disable certain upgrades in certain countries, the Fed raises/lowers interest rates, limited raw materials, employee strike, increased/decreased income tax rates…

I suppose that’s all I have for now :nerd_face: I’m super excited to see how the game progresses and how the team will employ competitiveness. We as users are basically competing to market ourselves. I think we need a platform that can showcase our abilities to perform in the business world.

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Hey BE,

Thanks for the shout out. Regarding your questions on the educational focus of GoVenture World, here are some thoughts:

  • This game is designed to be the first game we think people can put on their real-world resumes.

  • Playing the game won’t necessarily help you win a job over an existing CEO, CFO, COO, etc., but it will help you gain an advantage over other people with similar educational backgrounds. For example, if you are competing for a job in business, I’m willing to bet that the person who has successfully played GoVenture World will have a much better job interview because of the realistic business experience gained in the game. You can read more about my thoughts on this in this article on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/do-you-have-one-thing-helps-win-work-business-life-mathew-georghiou/

  • In terms of challenges that test players skills, the entire game actually does that. That’s why it’s designed the way it is designed. It’s very different than those many mobile and PC games where you run little businesses, which may be fun but have low educational value. GoVenture World is designed to be an authentic entrepreneurship and business experience. A player that is successful in GoVenture World has proven to have certain business knowledge and skills. In fact, this proof (validation) is arguably better than conventional business diplomas and degrees.

  • Further to the above, our Open Badges explain how we assess player skills based on their achievements in the game. Find out more here - http://bit.ly/gwbadges

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Thank you so much for that link! Makes me want to create a LinkedIN page now. You should share that within the game to inspire other players as well.

Thanks again for all the replies. Great game. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for future developments.

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