Game is too slow


Not really a bug but the game is too slow.

Wait for each http request is very annoying.

It’s a lot of work but the best way to deal with that is to develop a single page application rather than a website.

Thank you for your report of the slow down, there was an unexpected slow down on the server last night after an update. We are watching this and looking for the cause.

Thank you for your suggestion, we are trying to determine the best way to make the transition to a hybrid approach to improve performance.

If you have any other suggestions feel free to post them in the feature request section

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I saw the word “hybrid”.

if your goal is to be fully cross device and available on phone markets, i suggest you to rewrite into a responsive web application and use phonegap ( to create hybride mobile builds for IOS, Android, Windows phone, …

Doing this way:

  • you have only one code (web) to cover all platform
  • you load all the code once and cache it for next launch (fast and smooth navigation)
  • you only send and receive json data after application loaded for fast and small request/answer (your server will love you and your mobile users too)

To resume your app would be fast, easy to maintain, fully cross platform => happy users and happy coders

But that means to rethink your code. It involves a lot of work.

epic lantencies currently

Currently investigating. Seeing a spike on the server,

The game is very slow. I could see various reasons that can cause this. First of all, the database server maybe overloaded due to the fact that the query is used is selecting everything in the tables. Pagination is done only on the front end UI side but not in the backend (it is a 100% must in such a large system which easy to go over millions of records in no time when there are more users). This also cause a huge (not that much for now, open market listing is around 200KB) file transfer to the user end which increase the latency as well. I am not too familiar with development so I am not sure if there is any problem on that part as well. To be honest, you do not need to make it a single page applicatoin to make it works as expected (which requires a full rework) but I would suggest the dev team looks at the issue as soon as possible as the speed now is quite unbearable. First thing, change the database query to something that is sensible, not just reading everything you have.

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We are working on resolving these issues, and others, but as for performance as a metric for us what kind of connection are you on?

I am on a 1000Mbps connection. Of course, the actual connection does not meet that speed. Here is a speed test result.

And of course, location will also be a factor, but I do not think that it is my side causing any issue. I am having at most 300ms latency to connect any server in the world.

Thank you, we appreciate the info, it helps us determine where we need to improve the performance, and query/data retrieval is one spot we are focusing on. Your connection is definitely not the issue.

Where the hell do you live?! Here in Australia we are stuck with 5Mbps up and 1Mbps down (ADSL2)

I am living in Hong Kong, country side. The service I have applied for is 1000Mbps for both download and upload. And obviously, it is a optic fibre connection

same here in France with 1Gbps down