Future Steam Integration

I originally found this game through Steam Greenlight, but I have heard that Steam integration is a far ways off. For future reference, will we be able to eventually link our GVW account to our Steam account? I’d hate to start playing on the website, only to start all over once the game launches on Steam. Any thoughts?

Also, quick note to the devs: great job on the game so far! I’ve been a bit inactive as of late due to some irl happenings, but what you have set up always has me coming back! Looking forward to the reset and the fixes addressed; I’ll be around much more often for sure!

We are not able to fill you in on the Steam integration at this time. Our integration will obviously not happen until the GVW system is heavily tested on it’s regular platform and we have a chance to look at the Steam platform more closely to see the options for porting/integrating.

Hey SilvShepard … it’s great to hear that we have you coming back!

As srolls notes, we want to make sure the game is solid before we release on Steam. Our current thinking is that we will use the same game platform so that steam players and non-steam players are in the same world. We are not sure how steam accounts will work right now …maybe we will be able to integrate them as a single sign on … if not, then you could just continue to use your current log in. But, we won’t be sure until we get there.

Thanks for playing!

Alright, thanks for the info!