Fellow GoVenture entrepreneurs, the next game reset will happen on Tue, Dec 5 (or maybe Dec 6). This means that all player, business, and game data will be deleted. All companies, sales, inventory, bxp, logins, … everything will be gone.

As soon as the RESET happens, we will all have the opportunity to start fresh. You will start from the point of creating your login and holding company name, then proceed to the tutorial and continue into the full game (just as you did when you first joined). You cannot skip the tutorial, but you can go through it more quickly if you are already familiar with it … but we recommend that you take it slow and capture as much wisdom as you can.

We do RESETS to clean up our database, speed up the gameplay, and allow players to experience the fun and competitive startup process. Resets may happen every 3 or 4 months, but there is no firm schedule yet. We have heard from some players would like a second server option that does not get reset and we are not yet sure if we will be able to offer this or not, but it is being considered for the future.

And, the better news is that we are working on making it possible for players to NOT lose their logins and bXP when a future RESET happens. Players with past bXP will still need accumulate new bXP to unlock features (so that the game remains fair), but those who have been playing the game for a long time will continue to be recognized for their skill and loyalty. We will also create an All Time Leaderboard. These features will be implemented AFTER the upcoming reset.

After the upcoming RESET, you will notice some changes:

(1) Trademarks and Lawsuits will be more functional and we will be tightening up the Trademark process (and what can be trademarked).

(2) The costs for Trademarks, Ad Spots, Manufacturing Stations, R&D stations, Staff, and Signage are all going up. We are doing this to encourage a wider variety of products (so players don’t all try to achieve 100% quality and features) and to better balance profitability between Manufacturing and Retail businesses (Costs for Retail are going up more than Manufacturing).

(3) Many other changes are behind the scenes that won’t be as noticeable to players.

(4) New STOCK ISSUES will be disabled for the first two weeks after the RESET as we are doing some cleanup on that functionality. They will be enabled thereafter.

Now that the game is more robust and that our different business types are becoming fully functional, we will turn our attention to creating new product and business types.

HINT: We are considering adding a SHIPPING business (to ship the products in the World) and SMARTPHONE manufacturing and retail businesses, similar to the current AUTOMOBILE businesses.

If you have questions or comments about this, please post them below. Thanks for playing!