FULL RESET #9 on MON-SEP 23-2019

Fellow GoVenture entrepreneurs, the next game RESET will happen on MONDAY, SEP 23, 2019 around 3PM UTC. The game will be down for about 1 hour or so.

This means that all business and game data will be deleted. All companies, sales, inventory, bXP … everything will be gone (except your LOGINS and other items noted below).

As soon as the RESET happens, we will all have the opportunity to start fresh. Starting fresh is an exciting time for most players.

Request your Open Badge before the reset wipes your accomplishments!

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Here is what you should do after the RESET

  • Log in using your current username and password. Do not sign up again, just log in.

  • When you log in after the RESET, you will enter the CEO Training Tutorial. The tutorial will display the same Holding Company name you used previously, but you can change it in the tutorial. You will also choose a new location for your Holding Company (the previous location is not stored). Your previous Operating Businesses will be gone so you can start new.

  • Leaderboard data from past resets will be saved and can be viewed.

  • We do RESETS to clean up our database, speed up the gameplay, and allow players to experience the fun and competitive startup process. Resets may happen every 3 or 4 months, but there is no firm schedule at this time. We have heard from some players who would like a second server option that does not get reset and we are not yet sure if we will be able to offer this or not, but it is being considered for the future.

After the upcoming RESET, you will notice these changes …

  • CHAT — Discord has been added as an alternative text and voice chat system for players to communicate with each other. Click the Discord banner on the in-game chat window.

  • TRANSPORTATION business — Supplementary Revenue is reduced from 10x to a lower number (because these businesses were too profitable at 10x).

  • SPACE DRONES — Some costs have been adjusted and consumer price expectations have lowered (because these businesses were too profitable).

  • AUTOMOTIVE BUSINESSES — Station costs for Manufacturing businesses have been slightly decreased and station costs for Retail businesses have been slightly increased. This is intended to better balance the profitability of the two types of businesses.

  • MARKET DEMAND in countries with small economies has been increased to make them more feasible for businesses to operate within.

  • A variety of other less-noticeable fixes. Additional items may be added to this list soon.

Once the RESET is done, we will continue working on implementing a more modern design to the game interface (nothing drastic, but a nice refresh) and adding and improving other features. The new design is expected to be launched either during this next round or at the next reset #10.

If you have questions or comments about this, please post them below. Thanks for playing!