FULL RESET #7 on WED-FEB 13-2019


Fellow GoVenture entrepreneurs, the next game RESET will happen on WED, FEB 13, 2019 around 3PM UTC. The game will be down for about 1 hour or so.

This means that all business and game data will be deleted. All companies, sales, inventory, bXP … everything will be gone (except your LOGINS and other items noted below).

As soon as the RESET happens, we will all have the opportunity to start fresh. Starting fresh is an exciting time for most players.

Here is what you should do after the RESET

  • Log in using your current username and password. Do not sign up again, just log in.

  • When you log in after the RESET, you will enter the CEO Training Tutorial. The tutorial will display the same Holding Company name you used previously, but you can change it in the tutorial. You will also choose a new location for your Holding Company (the previous location is not stored). Your previous Operating Businesses will be gone so you can start new.

  • As reported previously, the tutorial is now in two parts. The first part appears when you first create an account and explains the basics of the game while you create a Holding Company. Then it ends and launches you into the game.

  • While in the game, you can explore the interface, do challenges and courses, research business and market information, buy and sell stocks and bonds, and more. But, you have not yet started an Operating Business. When you are ready to do so, you will go through the second part of the CEO Training Tutorial, which explains more about the game and guides you to start your first Operating Business.

  • Leaderboard data from past resets will be saved and can be viewed.

  • We do RESETS to clean up our database, speed up the gameplay, and allow players to experience the fun and competitive startup process. Resets may happen every 3 or 4 months, but there is no firm schedule at this time. We have heard from some players who would like a second server option that does not get reset and we are not yet sure if we will be able to offer this or not, but it is being considered for the future.

After the upcoming RESET, you will notice these changes …

  • The amount of bXP needed to start new businesses is reduced (less bXP grinding needed).

  • Maximum number of Operating Businesses allowed by one Holding Company has increased from 10 to 12.

  • Profitability of Retailers versus Manufacturers will be more balanced. We are accomplishing this by allowing Manufacturers to produce more products per day (when Efficiencies are turned on), and we are increasing the costs of operating a Retail business. This applies to Automobiles, Pharmaceuticals, and Smartphones.

  • Market Demand changes were implemented a few weeks prior to the reset and they will continue (as described in a previous news post). We are also lowering price thresholds so that consumers are less willing to buy a significantly overpriced product (based on the value of the product).

  • Trademark laws have been further defined, as described in the User Guide Section 5.22

  • A variety of other less-noticeable fixes.

Once the RESET is done, we will begin working on adding a TRANSPORTATION business. This should add interesting gameplay to the mix as Manufacturers and Retailers will get to choose which Transportation business to use for shipping. We expect there to be several Transportation businesses started and competing by countries served, price, and speed of service. Transportation businesses will also be able to market Discount Codes.

If you have questions or comments about this, please post them below. Thanks for playing!


After reading about the transportation business the main question i have is will this significantly increase costs of goods or time to ship since players will now have to find a player run transportation company to ship their goods? Additionally this means that player who runs the business would have to be incredibly active so that they can quickly get product moving from mfg to retailer.

If players choose to can we use the previous shipping style or a possibly slower, but always online computer ran transportation business, this way we dont have to worry about inactivity of player ran transportation businesses?

I’ll be honest that this business makes me a little nervous to see implemented since again shipping goods will now entirely rely on players to be active and get them moving while also probably slapping on a greater shipping cost than what was all ready implemented to make them enticing.

Going back to that dev diary idea i posted earlier a quick 5 min video in which you guys talk about and show off this new business would be greatly appreciated so we can truly see what we’re dealing with because this new business has me worried.


Thanks for the questions … here are the answers:

  • Shipping Costs for using the GoVenture World shipping service may go up slightly in order to encourage human players to start Transportation businesses. Human-run businesses will be able to offer lower prices, so shipping costs are expected to go down on average.

  • Shipping Time will be the same or faster than it is currently. Transportation businesses will be able to invest in efficiencies to offer faster shipping (but they may or may not charge more for this).

  • You will not be forced to find a human-run Transportation company to ship your goods. The current GoVenture World option will continue to be available.

  • Players who run Transportation businesses will not have to intervene to get a shipment moving. There will be no delay. It is automated like it is now. Basically, when you are ready to ship product, you will see a list of Transportation companies that can offer you service … once you pick one, your shipment starts moving right away, just as it does now.

  • Don’t worry, we have it well designed. It’s going to add much more interesting activity to the game. It will not take away anything from the gameplay, only add to it.

  • Thanks for your idea of a video, but we don’t really have anything to show as our specs are all text based (and we can’t share specs).

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