Firefox vs Explorer - click through issues

For some of the features in the game like chat, I had to use Firefox.
It may be my settings but in the stock and bond markets, I can’t click through to detail on a stock or bond in Firefox. No problem doing it using IE…

Are you using a Windows PC or a Mac? Or are you on a smartphone or tablet?

I’m using 2 different laptops - one is windows 10 - the other Windows 7 same on both

Do you have any ad blockers on them?

I have window pop ups blocked on both IE and Firefox and I presume ad blockers. Not sure where to look if ad blockers on. So your question suggests that other people can’t replicate this issue??

Here’s a few more oddities for the crew to look at when they’re bored…

In a retail business I can do direct sale supplier selction in both Firefox and in IE but in a manufacturing business I can’t search for a direct sale customer in IE but I can in Firefox :fearful:

In firefox you can’t click on the ? support and feedback icon in the lower right hand side icon box but in IE you can

We were able to reproduce all issues you mentioned except the Chat thing (that may be an ad blocker or popup thing.

Most of what we reproduced is FireFox not recognizing or using js files. We will have a look into it.

We did fix the EI issue with Direct Sales and that should roll out in the next update.

Again - sorry to resurrect an old post, but there is currently a bug in both the bond and stock market that doesn’t allow click through into any stock or bond (so you can action a sell or buy or just look at detail) but it applies to primary, secondary and all sub screens on both stocks and bonds and to Edge, IE, Chrome and Firefox.

It feels a lot like this old bug but broader, and came in around the same time as the fix for IE pop ups 36 hours ago.

We will check it out … no need to be sorry, we appreciate the help!

@Fireyscorp, this should be corrected soon.