Financial Reports not working

I am unable to see any numbers in my financial reports such as balance sheet, profit and loss, cashflow statements, etc.

Sorry about that … is the report timing out (ie, taking a long time and not appearing properly), or is it appearing quickly just with all zeros?

Most of them are blank. The balance sheet is sometimes blank, sometimes zeros. I have attached the screenshots of those charts.

And there are other reportsas well :
Profit Chart
Units Sold And Inventory

Thank you for the report, our developers are investigating the issue.
The Balance Sheet should be working now, although it may be a little slow loading initially,

The customer report is also working at this time.

Thank you for fixing the reports. Most of them work now except for Profit Chart and Customer report. Does customer report show up only for manufacturing businesses or even for retail businesses?

Thank you, for your update, yes the Customer is for manufacturing businesses.
We will be looking into the Profit chart issues.

The units and inventory sold report is not working again today :disappointed: . It was working a day back. Also to update, the profit chart is still not showing. Attached the screen shot of units and inventory report.

Thank you for the update, we have made some adjustments and the reports should be working now.

The charts are still not correct as it is showing only number of purchases…and sales is always zero which is obviously incorrect.

Thanks for reporting this. The report will work ok once the RESET happens on Wednesday.