Expanding on the bank

So when it comes to the bank its very land locked. When i say that`i mean it in terms of you only being able to do business with people that are in the same holding country as you. So i was thinking that you would be able to make a good amount of profit if you made the ability to expand of your net of operations. Even creating a station for it. Where once you create a station your operating ability is expanded.

Hey Jobsons, interesting idea of making expansion an upgrade of sorts. We restrict service companies to their countries in order to encourage more players to start such businesses. Also, keep in mind that the country restriction does not apply if there are no such businesses in your country so you can actually server businesses in other parts of the world.

@MathewGeorghiou i understand the need to disable the stock options in the beginning of the reset, but when do you see the option to start issuing stock with GV world?

We are getting very close to having it ready, but the holidays are making it difficult to predict right now. Will post an update once we have a clearer picture.

Update: Stock Market is getting closer but likely another week or two away from being ready to go live.