Event influence

My businesses sent me an email saying that they were affected (one sent several)
around 6 emails. i open each one up and it said…
Gain 0

it only affect retail? if so, it shouldnt send me an email saying it affected me. (as it didnt)

Thanks for posting this. We have corrected the issue.

Just got the msg again, from another biz.
0 gain.

Purrfect something was that company.

The positive influence of random events fails to benefit me… when it hits me. but the negative works just fine.

   so far, i am not a fan of this.    Sure... random events are...random.  but if its setup to randomly HELP, it should. even by 1 unit.

while the negative random events i've been hit for 50m for the last one... this one just starting.

 this game has somethings that noone else has done... (in game banking) so its interesting that way. (pun)

but the random events just doesnt sit well with me.

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