Error while attempting to sell units

Sometimes when I try to sell units on the open market, I get a message saying ‘Error while attempting to sell units. Try again.’ I end up having to build more units before I can actually sell them, but this is quite frustrating when I want to sell some units quickly. Any thoughts on what’s happening?

So, when you get the error, the units do not get posted on the open market but they get removed for your inventory? Is the Open Market page fully loaded when you get this error?

It’s been reported before. It only happens when you try to list the product before the display of market offers hasn’t loaded. Once it does you can quickly redo and it lists ok…

We have isolated the issue and a fix is in the queue with our next update. For now, you will have to close that dialogue when you get it and click the “List Product” button again to list your cars. There is no indication that the cars you unsuccessfully try to sell go anywhere or disappear from your inventory. They just don’t get listed.

I waited for it to load, but I was still unable to sell them. It would still say try again later. I even exited the business itself, tried entering in again, waiting for it to load, then selling it again, but it would not work. I have not experienced the issue since then though, so I am not sure as to the current status of it.

This should all be fixed now. Let us know if you experience similar behavior again.