Equity's understanding

My equity grow but i have difficults to understand some things

1 - What means high equity ?

2 - What means and can you list the expression below equity (i currently have “living large”)

3 - Below equity i have a number which change often (100, 200, 300). I understood change is related to my cash. But maybe can you give more informations about this number.

Equity is the Value of your business. It is calculated Assets - Liabilities.

The title under your number is just an indicator that it has changed. And the number (ie. 100, 200, 300) are to indicate title which are the same but have multiple levels (ie. Tycoon 100, Tycoon 200)

If you click on profile image on the left side, you will see your current title and the ones which are to come.

We call them LEVELS so as your EQUITY increases, you LEVEL UP and when it decreases you LEVEL DOWN.

when i buy cars, my level totally fall down

when i am sell it raise a lot

When you buy, you immediately have a liability which weighs on the right side of the equation: ASSETS - LIABILITIES.

This is because you owe money to the manufacturer and have no product (which is an asset). The moment you receive your vehicles, you have the cars which are then an asset and offset the liability of owing money on them. Then when you sell the cars and pay the costs, the difference between what they cost and what you paid is profit.

Thanks for explanations

If the game say it, that’s probably true :smiley:

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it’s just a difficult transition.
everything should be back to normal soon
thanks anyway

Until your cars land at their rightfully owners, it is a liability to you. Everything should even out once they ship.