Equity shows negative numbers

So I did make a few production errors. I racked up losses in inventory and materials costs. I’ve been trying to correct my numbers to the positive, but can’t figure out why I still show losses in the negative.
My financial reports show even my 3 mil. cash on hand, and my assets going into negative ( losses) before counting anything else. I have no liabilities ( bonds,or loans )
Can someone check to see if this is a glitch, or actual figures. I’m going craz

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y trying to figure this out. Thank you guys!

Do you mind if I take a look in your account to see what you are seeing?

You should take this down Dunwell. srolls works for GoVenture and can get into your account without your login

Thanks Onmi, I did not even notice they posted the login.

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I did notice a few things. You cars that were shipped, they never got sold by the retailers who bought them. On top of that they are listed as still in transit in the PO.

I am one of your purchasers so I thought I would look into it. In my Vendors Report I can look at the shipping status from my vendors. It states that you shipped on D219 (10 Days GT) and it will take 33 Day GT for the shipping.

My best guess is that you are shipping to locations far away from you, the shipping takes time according to distance. Because of this, vehicles which have not been received yet are a liability to you. Liabilities drive down your equity (ASSETS - LIABILITIES). Once they are shipped, things should bounce back. I would not worry about your equity right now as long as you have profits, cash, and bxp.

PS. Please change your password since you posted it.

Thank you for the info.

Thank you scrolls,

I do have 10 ghost cars made by Dynamic Motorcar. I tried to delist them from open market, but they never appeared on the open market again. They appeared in inventory as on the open market.
I never did sell or ship them. How can I either recover, or destroy them? I closed and sold the plant as a last resort. These 10 cars are haunting me!! Let me know if there are any options for me.
Thanks again, Dunwell

-------- password has been changed. ------

There was a glitch which showed up earlier this week in shipping. Looks like you may have gotten hit with it. Not sure is there is anything that can be done at this point but I will check. Your equity should not affect the gameplay and I will see about striking the cars from the “on the market” record.