Equity and cash through stock / bond manipulation

We have 2 players in the billions on the equity and cash boards - clearly miles ahead of anyone else.

I presume this was done through either issuing 1000g bonds at many times their value or raising funds through stock issue in a similar way. It is obvious when you review the industrial output and sales of the companies that it is not a reflection of that area of business activity. Realistically if I have a tiny company and go to the market with an IPO - I’m going to be diluting my holding fast and there’s going to be lots of scrutiny on what value I’m offering to shareholders…

Is it intentional to allow this - ie should everyone that is capable be pursuing this way to instant super riches? If not can someone look into how it was achieved and shut down the bug / remove the proceeds of error.

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One player did car sale glitch he sold g30 million per unit.

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There are some bugs in the economics engine that has allowed profits to be too excessive. Some players figured out the bugs and were willing to invest a lot of play time to take advantage of them … which is kind of cool that some people are spending so much time playing :slight_smile:

But, those bugs will be fixed very soon, along with some other improvements. Once we clear away all the big bugs, we will likely do a game reset so everyone can start fresh.

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If you look at the revenue boards you will see this wasn’t from stock or bond issues but rather a glitch in the game where cars can be sold for many millions.

Mathew, when this reset takes place will bxp reset? I feel like that should stay.

I’m not sure right now.

I agree with you that BXP is generally something that should stay, but at the same time, in order to give our system a fresh start it becomes complicated to keep the BXP because so many other things are tied to it.

It also provides an uneven playing field for players since some feature are unlocked by BXP. Although, an argument could be made that all new players are at a disadvantage anyway compared to existing players and this is always going to be the case with an open game where new people are joining all the time, so allowing players to keep their BXP may not be a big deal.

This is a tough one! :slight_smile:

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Yeah, but it really is business experience and that doesn’t go away in real life. Money might but that does not.

Yup I’m with you. It’s just that we have technical implications that go with it so we will have to figure those out when the time comes.

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we all shud start fresh,im agree to it.but for us founder title would be good,and some bonus too xD