Emerson Law - Lawsuit Filing

I recently bought a lawfirm and it has an ongoing lawsuit.

I think the previous attorney started processing the case already.

I have gotten no response.
My client needs justice!

My client sold cars to the defendant and wasnt fully paid.

The defendants account is also recently active.

What’s the next step in this GV legal system?

Has the lawsuit been filed? If so, who are the parties involved? For confidentiality you can in-game email GoVenture World directly.

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I’ll email you now then.

I don’t see GoventureWorld on the mailing list. So I can’t email you. My client is Olive Tree, defendant is Maivea. He ordered cars and didnt pay for the products after shipment. I checked and he’s still actively playing.
What’s my next move as an attorney here?

You should see an email from the GV world Court.

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Thanks for your help!

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