Email correspondence from the goventure world bank

Dear Developers,

We had some mail contact about messages from your Bank,

Lender Issue Date Principal Paid Balance China GOVERNMENT_LENDER 2018-05-26 RT
Y1 D51 GT g31,250 g31,250 g0

I paid all of my debts, instantly when i had the money, but the emails coming in my inbox is telling me i still have debt with the bank, it is quite annoying because debt debt keeps piling up.

U thanked me to give u a notice for this bug, but its still not fixed this is the reason i put it up here,

Regards Callaars, Redline trading solutions,

@Callaars, the info you have shared is from a line of credit from the China government. As for the loan and receiving statements from the GVW 1st Bank, there was an outstanding balance of g2. We have removed that so you should not be receiving any more statements pertaining to the loan. Thank you for posting.

Lender Maturity Date Principal Balance 1st Bank Y2 D155 GT g500,000 g0

Idd, just wanted to mention it :slight_smile:

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