Email Confirmation bug?

I miss click on “resend the welcome email” option in my profile setting and this is what happen, when i click the link sent to my email this notification keep appearing when I login to my account, I keep resend it and it still appearing and never disappear. that all thanks

BERU_UNITED … this was an account that we disabled because it was a multiple account. Players are not allowed to create multiple accounts. And, all new accounts must use a players real name.

Since i myself have made duplicate accounts in the past, I know what it looks like when a company is showing exponential growth because of it. I would like to see a investigation into Trader Guild because he most definitely cheating. I can attest to multiple accounts that are under he/she’s control. Although he is cheating i have nothing against it. Its the fact that he/she is doing it so blatantly. Actually if Trader were to have done it and tried to cover it up more nicely, i would’ve even commended him because to me seeing that gives it a more realistic feel; and it gives it more of a challenge.

(Don’t cheat children, its bad for you)

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Trader Guild is already in our sights.


Make me proud Mathew.

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