Electronic buissnesses and the goventureworld vitural web

I think there should be more businesses categories, one of them is a an electronic business. These companies don’t manufacture, but they create the websites and the emails on the virtual goventure world web. Real life examples would be facebook, amazon, and gmail. They own a unique domain with they can offer the service or feature. They can offer electronic products(e.g. gmail), and the traditional goventureworld manfucturing costs don’t apply to them. This would make goventureworld more realistic and a more modern simulator.

Actually, you can do some of what you are describing now.

For example, you can create an Ad Agency and then pitch other players to develop company websites for them outside of GoVenture World. Our ad system allows you to include external links with Ad spots.

You can create an economic newsletter and sell subscriptions to it.

You can conduct market research an sell it.

Many possibilities.