Earn bXP by referring others to play GoVenture World

You can now earn bXP by referring others to play GoVenture World!

  • Post a comment, write a blog, record a video, tell friends and families — do anything to encourage people to play GoVenture World.

  • Include your personal referral code and instruct new players to use it during signup to earn business experience points (bXP).

  • Your referral code is the name of your Holding Company.

  • When a new player signs up and uses your referral code, they will immediately earn 200 bXP and you could earn 200 bXP — see below.

  • Promote your referral code as far and wide as possible! Feel free to copy and paste text from the GoVentureWorld.com marketing website, use screenshots from the media kit, or use your own text and screenshots or other graphics … it’s up to you. Here is sample text:
    GoVentureWorld.com is the most authentic business game ever made and it’s free to play! Sign up using referral code _________ to earn 200 business experience points!

Additional Information

  • Players cannot use their own referral codes.

  • Players using a referral code will immediately get their bXP award.

  • A referring player will not earn bXP until the player who used the referral code has achieved 2,000 bXP in the game. This is intended to discourage players from farming bXP with fake accounts. Players attempting to exploit this feature will be penalized.

  • Players will receive an in-game notification message each time their referral code is used and each time they are awarded bXP.

  • If you change the name of your Holding Company, you will still earn referral bXP from players that have already created accounts, but new players must use your new referral code.

  • The CEO Training tutorial has a field for the referral code.

  • Players who return to the game after a RESET can use a referral code.

You can help me as a new player out by using my referal code: JMB for the new game after the restart:

Referal code: JMB