Drone Retail sales per day

New in this round - my brand new drone retailer came with a Sales Business Team that says it will (and does) sell 4 drones per game day. The screen says I can add Engineers (+4 per day), Coaching (+ 4 per day) and incentives (+ 4 per day) That makes 16 per game day but my supplier can only produce 4 drones per game day at full efficiency.

The manufacturer has not changed since last round, but this is clearly new in retail. I feel it’s a bug and it’s giving me an advantage at this point of matching my supplier without having to invest the full amount of sales ability.

If it’s intentional, it would make drone retailing ridiculously more profitable than manufacturing.

EDIT: actually my business sales team is selling 5 drones per game day… not 4 as above

The max sales a drone retailer can get is capped at 4/day (GT) there was a bug that allowed more. This has been corrected. Thank you for posting.

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