Double order following double click

After fill a private order, i try to send it

A i saw nothing i did it again

I had got an error message and 2 orders

Disable “send” button, when click until request end, should solve the issue (css => pointer-events: none;). change his color would be good in addition

When we experience a lag, this sometimes does happen. It lets the second click get through to process. Good suggestion. :slight_smile:

I presume this happened again in the last 12 hours. My on order quantity in Toronto Fiat is showing (100) and when I look at orders and shipments it show and order of 100 has been shipped twice. It shows status of partially shipped (I presume the status check wouldn’t be coded for overshipped)

Related to on order - I’ve had quite a few purchases on market that have not logged in after putting materials on the market so they were never shipped - similarly with a player I had regular dealings with that invoiced - I paid, but goods never shipped.

Just wondering how both situations are handled - from the accounting side (assets and liabilities) and the on order side (It seems the market transaction still appear in the orders and shipping screen but not in the on order summary. The paid invoices still appear in both I think)

Just checking in. We’ve made revisions here that should prevent double shipping or, in general, excess shipping.

Open Market orders, if left unfilled, will be cancelled. Inventory returns to the manufacturer at that time. Since the retailer is not billed until the time of shipping, they don’t have any problematic accounting. It’s just an order that falls through.

Direct Market orders are a little more problematic. They could be left in an unresolved state. This is similar to real world in that sometimes our suppliers simply do not follow through on an order, whether we’ve paid or not. This risk adds to the player decisions about when to pay, or agreements made when negotiating an order about down payments or similar.

For players that are still active and just have fulfilled the order for any reason (purposefully, accidentally, lacking inventory on hand, etc), the game does provide the opportunity to hire a law firm to mediate a dispute or file a lawsuit.

However, at present time, we do not have a feature that allows for cancelling such unresolved orders. They will stay on the books as an invoice in the state of payment/fulfillment based on the last action taken.