Dividend Payments

I have issued a total of 4 dividends so far this year for my company. I have issued 3 2,000,000 total dividends and a 6,000,000 dividend to make up for lost days. I have found out through my issued stocks and bonds table that my dividends have been dealt out already except my current 2,000,000 dividend (paid Y4 D278) and my 6,000,000 (paid Y4 D230). I make a huge income so I can afford to put this amount into dividend issues as I get around 5,000,000 or more in the 40 day GT time frame. The 6 mil dividend should’ve been distributed already as it’s currently Y4 D278 but it hasn’t. Doesn’t show up in the shareholder issuance table.

There are changes to the stock management in development that will address this issue.