Direct communication

I can not write a direct letter to Carter Holdings and other businesses. Why?

The first thing to try is to Log out completely and log back in.

Thank you

The same is now. I can not send a letter to my business partner.

Our few bonds have been sold from the issuance today. But we have not received a single penny. Might be some bug. Please let me know.

Hello there,

I can not direct buy from another company cell phones. Please help me

What exactly are you experiencing?

I can not write any business name in name section when I wanna buy direct.
I can not write a letter to any business, because letters are not appearing. I can not choose legal company for my contracts and I can not choose marketing company also. So many bugs here. :slight_smile:

What device are you having this issue on?
Which browser?

Macbook, Safari

Thank you, what version of Safari? (under Safari > About Safari)
We have tested this using Safari 14.1.1 and it worked correctly.

Now it is working. My Safari is 14.1.1

Good to hear!