Detailed Inventory Interface

It might already be in the game and I just don’t see it but what would be nice is have a more customazible inventory interface. For instance, if I bought a shipment of high MFG and R&D cars and wanted to sell them for more then a shipment of budget cars I can’t. They are all sold at a single price.

Secondly, is there a way to verify that a shipment of direct order cars from a supplier is actually at a specified MFG & R&D? I’ve been making orders with manufacturers directly and noting the MFG and R&D I’m requiring for the shipment. But I do not have any way of verifying if they’re 100% or 33%!

To my knowledge, the only interface of my MFG & R&D is a lag indication showing the overall average my retail store has sold. Any help or future features would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


You can verify the percentage in the Business Competitiveness report.

Click reports on your phone and it is there.

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That’s OK for a very broad, average. But what I’m asking about is knowing that if I pay a good price for some high end manufactured cars, that I get a high end car. Right now there is no way to verify that the goods purchased are to the level specified. How do I know that the manufacturer isn’t just shipping me the lowest end merchandise? It all just shows as shipped and then a quantity ready to be sold. The only indicator is a broad average which doesn’t tell me anything if I’m purchasing from multiple vendors. How do I then know which vendor is pulling a fast one on me?

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You would need to check each vendor in the Business Competitiveness report to see their current ratings.

If you’re worried about this send me a message in game and I can put you in touch with some solid manufacturing partners. My company is Bearhead Ventures.

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Yes, I think it shows Features and Quality in the VENDOR report. But, I agree we need to make it easier to see this information. We will look into adding this info to the SHIPPING notification and the INVOICE.


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