Delisting Products Not Updating Ready-To-Sell Inventory

To give an example:

Inventory Ready-to-Sell: 45
Inventory on Open Market: 1000

If I delist the 1000 from the open market, then try to re-list them, I will get a red error dialog showing: “Please enter a number between 1 and 45.”

I can only re-list the 1000 after I enter a number between 1 and 45 then click the Post Button in the List Product Window, OR if I refresh the page.

So I’m thinking somewhere within the code for the Delist Button, it’s missing an update quantity for the Ready-to-Sell Inventory.

It subtracts the Inventory off the Open Market just fine, but it doesn’t add back to the Ready-to-Sell Inventory without refreshing or posting a quantity previously held before delisting.

Thank you for posting this. We are looking into this.