Dealing with yourself

I understand it’s a social game encouraging interaction, and it gives an advantage to active players, and introduces the issue of transfer pricing and profit shifting, but is there any area that we can trade with our own companies?

My initial mission was to be a fully integrated supply chain company - until I found out I couldn’t. :astonished:

We can already see a very thin market in autos but if the product range is opened up to many products - or we get more complex and have suppliers of manufacturing inputs, big areas of the game will stall due to few active market players.

Perhaps a limit on the number of operating companies a player can have or how many types of business you could operate in would force ppl to choose their expertise carefully.

Just food for thought…

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Limit it sound tough,since they implement bxp level to open up new business.but i agree our market was very thin atm :joy:, perhaps there could be more other product later on,like airplane business,transpoting pasennger etc to make gvw more fun :wink:

I’m not the game designer, but I know there is discussion about expanding the types of products being offered in the game, and there have been discussions about supply chain management of components for auto build out, etc. That’s definitely really interesting, but it would be later stage as the game has to be solid and the make sure that the economy simulation is working as it should, with all (or most) strange edge cases worked out. We’ve already flagged some very minor bugs that caused some significant impact on the game economy. But the dev team is resolving them very quickly.

Overall, at least in earlier stages of the game, not controlling the full supply chain (i.e. buying your own autos) is a good thing as it introduces a challenge that requires us to work with other players to resolve. So I like buying up autos from the open market, but when that supply drops or the price is higher than I want to pay, I then am encouraged to go out and find suppliers to do direct deals, etc.

If we went into a full supply chain model, that would be super interesting. For instance, imagine being able to source 19 out of 20 components in volume, but being stuck for the last one and having to compete with others to get it. One way to get around that might be to actually negotiate a partnership with another player so that you supply him/her with one of the components, and they do so for you as well with either an exclusivity agreement, or a deal where you can first chance at any new supply they create. I think some players have already set up that working relationship in the current game. :slight_smile:

What if they don’t follow through on the agreement? You hire a GoVenture law firm! :slight_smile:


Yup, more products coming in future (likely mobile phones next).

Would love to add supply chain too, but as Joe says, we have to focus on getting the current gameplay solid.

Not allowing players to buy/sell to themselves was a decision made to encourage player-to-player interaction. But, it’s not a strict decision and we will continue to reevaluate this as we go and look to players for feedback on this feature. There will likely be situations where we will allow this to happen.

Tested this today so FYI - Maybe intentional or maybe not.

You can’t sell cars to yourself, but you can put both bonds and stocks up for sale (third party - not your own) and buy them yourself. In the case of bonds the system recognised both the purchase and the sale for bxp allocation. In the case of stocks, only the sale go bxp I think

Thanks Fireyscorp. We will have to look into that one. Normally that would be treated as a buy back and they should just be taken off the market.