Credits missing

Company missing credits, i put screenshot in discord. was 2, now its 4, not sure why/how.
Doesnt affect me really, but it might on a smaller company (if it comes up)
its only the one transport company: 1 if by Air


Any idea? its just that same company.

So far we have not been able to recreate this issue.

are you able to see that companies stuff? anything i could try?
ive totally emptied the credits and readded.

maybe theres a country that i cant see, that has the credits??

doesnt make sense, but only thing i can think of. (any updates to countries recently? …this started awhile ago.

anyway to clear the credits from someone, and let me reassign? or rebuy, dont care if i have to rebuy them all… its not that much.

This should be corrected.

Error is Corrected! Thanks! (i checked when you posted, before server reboot) after reboot all good!!! thank you!