Courses Not Awarding

After completing the Headlines that Grab Attention course, bxp and g money have not been awarded. This may be due to the final ‘Summary’ section being unable to be completed (since clicking next brings it straight to the games section without completing it), but that’s just speculation on my part. Any thoughts?

Note: encountered this issue earlier before the reset as well.

I had the same problem but had saved the course. Went back into game and then back into course again and it magically worked… Now I’m in the same position on the next course and about to try that again… Not sure which of these worked but
Saved progress after the games. quit course. logged out of and into game. went back to course which loaded previous position. used drop down to go to summary screen. clicked back into game…

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You guys are good! There are two possible things that could cause this:

(1) You have to make sure that all sections and games are fully completed. This includes the INTRODUCTION and SUMMARY screens. There are timers to make sure players are taking time to read this information and not just click through. When a section is complete, a green square appears in the progress bar. All green squares need to be visible before the course is considered complete for you to get your rewards.


(2) Upon completion of a Course or Challenge, it can take up to 5 minutes for the rewards to appear on your interface.

Do you guys think your issue was one or both of the above?


Went in again and waited on the Summary page. Awarded rewards correctly. Thanks for the clarification!


I think I’ve narrowed it down to having to stay on the summary page for a full 30 seconds until it ticks to done.
(Maybe some people take longer to read than me :slight_smile: )

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