The GoVenture World Competition Bureau discovered a number of irregularities with JOBSONS businesses and has seized over g100,000,000 in cash from the business.


  • Jobsons appears to have created and/or controlled a number of unnamed accounts. Unnamed accounts are a violation of the GoVenture World Terms of Use section 3.11. All unnamed accounts have been terminated.

  • The unnamed accounts appear to have been used primarily or exclusively for the benefit of the Jobsons holding company and its related businesses.

  • It appears as though attempts were made to hide and/or launder the funds generated from the activities above, by buying securities, amassing product inventory, and transferring money to a law firm and another business.

  • We have assessed the amount of unearned or unfair revenue and/or profit generated from the activities above, including penalties and fees, at over g100,000,000. This cash has been seized from the Jobsons businesses and related businesses.

  • The proposed penalty will return the GoVenture World markets to balance, while still allowing Jobsons to continue operating. Note that the Achievement leader boards may take 24 hours RT to update.

  • GoVenture World Terms of Use Section 3.12 will also be updated so that multiple accounts may no longer be created and/or controlled by the same player.


The objective of the Competition Bureau is to maintain fair market competition. It is not our desire to ban players from GoVenture World. If a legitimate player is found to have made unearned or unfair gains, our response is to apply a penalty on the player’s business(es), while still allowing them to continue playing. Any such penalties will normally be disclosed to the public at the conclusion of the investigation.