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I sold 100 cars to Matthew store INC on 27-01-2022 RT but have not received my payment yet and it seems that the company is now not present in Goventure World. The products cost around g1,000,000. How shall I recover my money?

please help me @GVW_Admin @GoVenture @MathewGeorghiou

Part of the realism designed in GoVenture World is that you are required to negotiate payment with other businesses. And you take on the risk of not being paid.

If they do not pay you, you have to contact them.

If they ignore you, you can hire a lawyer to mediate the dispute and potentially file a lawsuit.

If they stop playing the game and have no money in their business, you may never recover the money owed to you.

In the real world of business, just like in GoVenture World, you can reduce your risk by negotiating a payment before you ship your product. And making sure to only do business with trusted sources.

Using the Open Market can also reduce your risk.

So does it mean I will never recover my g1,000,000 ?

Sadly, yes, it seems so.

It sucks (pardon my language) but it will happen to you once in a while. Usually, players pay their bills in GVW, but often players disappear without paying.

Working with trusted suppliers/customers is very important to avoid this.

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Such as life. Hard lessons in deed. Best of luck.