Company dropped from 100% to 99% randomly?

I opened a new manufacturing plant and took efforts to upgrade it to 100%/100% immediately. I made sure it never manufactured anything but 100/100 cars. It was manufacturing them for about a RT day or two, but later when I checked it was at 99%/99%. I’m positive I never manufactured anything less than 100/100 so I’m not sure why it happened.

The only thing I can think of is maybe the minigame can mess up the quality? Is that possible? Otherwise it may be a bug worth looking into.

Due to the nature of math, there are countries that will never reach 100%.

The R&D/Feature scores are derived by looking at your spend on them and their Total Possible Spend. If the Total Possible Spend of the country you are in does not divide evenly by 5 (the number of stations), you will end up with 99%.

I think what Steven is saying is that it is a software issue, not something you as a player had done. We have it on our list to fix this.

This has been passed along to the Dev Team.


The Dev Team has corrected this. At times you will still see 99% if a player starts producing at a lower quality and then changes it to 100% but it will eventually average out to a number that will round to 100%.

I can confirm that the mini game is not affecting this. I play mini game each day and one of my makers is 100/100 on market now.

Okay it seems to be fixed now. Thank you!

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All fixed now. It was a simple instance of truncating a number instead of rounding.